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Study Italian in Genoa

Why inlingua Genova is the right school for you to study Italian in Genoa..


If you want to study Italian in Genoa, the location of the school simply could not be better! The school is situated on  Via San Luca, a bustling street in the heart of the historical centre. Within easy reach of the front door are a wide range of cafes and restaurants to choose from when you need refreshment.  There is also a small supermarket and bakery which sells fresh (and delicious!) focaccia all day long. Places of historical, artistic and cultural intrest are never far away, and Via San Luca is home to a range of shops selling everything under the Ligurian sun.

Where we are…




Our classrooms are all fully equipped with everything you need for a fully immersive Italian language learning experience. Comfortable and (sometimes) quiet, the classrooms are set up with the sole purpose of learning languages. Round tables encourage interaction between students and trainers.  Most importantly of all however, there is are comfortable sofas with free coffee and Wi-Fi!

Our students

Our fully accredited study programs attract a variety of people from all over the world.

Multi-cultural staff

Our teachers of Italian are all fully qualified and mother-tongue, and some are also qualified local tour guides who will be happy to show you the sights of Genoa to further enhance your stay with us.

Quality of teaching

Inlingua Genoa prides itself on providing a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for you to improve your language skills. The inlingua method focuses on active use of the language in context rather than rote learning of grammatical rules.

Our own teaching materials and e-learning platform

Using unique materials designed by inlingua International and tailored by us to suit your needs, we provide high quality, meaningful lessons that encourage you to use Italian in everyday life. In addition, we provide you with unlimited access to our online learning platform (IOL) to allow and motivate you to continue your studies away from the classroom.